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    Image 137 (Section 6A)

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    Image 137 (Section 6A)



    Descriptive Photo

    The Descriptive Photo is the Shroud cloth that is accompanied by a description of the visible marks seen on the cloth. See photo: 10 Fui N Ds_0365.

    Grid for Location

    The Grid for Location is a photo of the Shroud cloth which is covered by a grid of squares. The location of marks on the Shroud can be found using the Grid, which includes numbers 1 through 22 on the horizontal and letters A through F on the vertical. The letters and numbers colored in red found under Photo Descriptions correspond to a specific location on the Grid. These are found in two places: section 3 Colored Transparencies, micrograph 35mm film and section 6 Colored Transparencies, ultraviolet light 4×5. See photo: 21 Fui N_0381.

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